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Animals Divine Tarot
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Animals Divine Tarot


Connecting with Animal Powers:

Animals are an important part of our lives. Their presence in art, stories and rituals reinforces the idea that animals are an inherent part of our psyches. They are archetypal forces deeply imbedded in the reservoirs of our unconscious. You are probably connected with animals in ways that you may not be necessarily aware of. Our drives and instincts mirror those of the animal world, yet because of our ability to exercise free will, we tend to distort this aspect of our nature and relegate it to remote corners of the mind.

Using and meditating on tarot cards is a profound method of communicating with animals, accessing your own animal energies and reestablishing a connection with the animal world. Since tarot images are projection holders of the psyche or reflections of your inner being, the tangible nature of animal images serves as a bridge between the rational conscious state and the "irrational" animalistic unconscious. By letting animals provide a strong bridge to other realms of consciousness and assist you in your life, you can learn to become more intuitive, insightful and connected.

The Animals Divine Tarot contains seventy-eight cards. Each card is interwoven with relevant symbols. I have provided the reader with a description of the symbols utilized in the image to enhance the reading. Feel free to elaborate on these symbols or to derive additional meanings from the card. Card readings are personal and interpretative. They provide the viewer with information that is relevant to the moment.

Readings, like creating art, can help you to retrieve visions from your unconscious world. They can enable latent material to surface to consciousness, thus helping you establish a stronger link between consciousness and information that is lying just below in your subconscious (unlike the unconscious, the subconscious is still accessible by the ego). It is like viewing your experiences and feelings through a picture book. The rich imagery of the cards helps to initiate contemplative thought and can make you more aware of your personal mythos as it is evolving.

Be receptive to the messages the animals in the readings are trying to provide. The pictures are projection holders, mirroring your inner landscape and enabling a wonderful means of connecting with animals that may reside there. If you study their symbolic significance, you may be able to identify aspects of your own life and experiences contained within the cards.

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Animals Divine Tarot
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