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Animals Divine Tarot
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Animals Divine Tarot

Excerpt from the Animals Divine Companion:

Working on the Animals Divine Tarot has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was a project infused with passion; researching the myths, sketching the animals, and composing the prose took me several years to compile. The more I conducted research and became familiar with the myths and animals that comprise the deck, the more I yearned to go deeper and search more intensely. I could not include all the animals I wanted to; it was difficult to choose just one animal from so many. I feel that the animals I could not include are no less valuable to our consciousness than those that I showcased in the deck. I chose the animals carefully and thoughfully and tried to match them with the meanings relevant to each card.

The idea for the Animals Divine Tarot was borne out of my deep respect for animals. They have always been a source of artistic inspiration for me. Much of my childhood was spent sketching trees, animals and other elements of my surroundings. My fascination for nature certainly impacted my life and helped to feed my creative soul. By making animals the focus of a tarot deck, I have come back home to the place where sketching my natural surroundings was the most joyful pastime of my childhood.

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Lisa Hunt, age 6, and her kitty Cougar
Lisa Hunt, age 6, and her kitty Cougar


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Animals Divine Tarot
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